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Important Announcement

(1). Foreign nationals intending to visit India for Tourism are now allowed to enter into India on e-Tourist Visa / Regular Tourist Visa.

(2). In no case the foreign nationals will be allowed to enter into India through Land Immigration Check Posts / Riverine routes on e-Tourist Visa / Regular Tourist Visa.

(3). They may apply for a fresh e-Tourist Visa / Regular Tourist Visa on https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/.

(4). e-Tourist Visa / Regular Tourist Visa, which have not expired and remained suspended since March 2020, shall stand restored with immediate effect.

Please read all the Information on this page before proceeding to the online visa form:

High Commission of India, Port of Spain accepts online submitted visa applications only. The applicant is required to fill in the online applications according to instructions provided. It is mandatory to upload digital photograph while filling in the application. Applications without uploaded photographs will be rejected. A print-out of duly filled in online application with uploaded photograph is to be signed by the applicant and presented at the High Commission with all required documents (copy of passport, yellow fever vaccination card, copy of tickets-if booked or bank statement and prescribed fees etc.).

The High Commission has introduced biometric procedures with effect from 01.06.2014. Visa applicants need to be physically present at the High Commission for completing biometric enrolment.

Visa application can be submitted online at the following link:

https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/ by clicking on Regular Visa option.

Visa applications will be accepted at the High Commission from 0930 hours to 1230 hours on all working days. Visa can be collected from 14:30 hours to 15:30 hours on the date specified. The High Commission is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and designated holidays List of Holidays 2024 .

All applicants seeking visa need to submit the following documents:

a) Completed Visa Application forms duly signed (one in the box provided below the photograph and another on the second page)
b) One recent passport size color photograph (2” x 2” size with white background)
c) Copy of Yellow fever vaccination card.
Note: Applicant must visit with the original vaccination card while travelling to India. Card issued from the regional Health Centre and Clinic should be converted into International Vaccination Card before travelling to India. The persons who are exempted from yellow fever shot due to their age must get an exemption certificate from a registered Doctor and travel to India with vaccination card along with the exemption certificate.
d) Passport along with photo-copies of relevant pages.
e) Additional documents depending on the kind of Visa applied for.

Proof of assured financial standing, i.e. return ticket and bank statement.

a) Confirmed Air ticket indicating transit through India.

b) Visa for the destination Country.
a) Invitation from a Company/Firm in India.

b) Copy of Certificate of Incorporation of Company/Firm in India.
c) Copy of Registration of the local Company/Firm which the applicant represents.
a) Proof of admission to recognized universities/institutions in India.

b) Letter of approval or No objection certificate from Ministry of Health for admission in Medical/ Para-medical course.
c) Accreditation Certificate of the Indian Institution/University.
d) Duly attested Certificates of educational qualifications of the applicant.
e) Proof of source of finance for study in India.
a) Letter from established Indian Hospital indicating name of the patient & attendants, if any, ailment, broad details of the treatment, estimated treatment time and cost.

b) Patient’s medical history and supporting reports/documents of ailment.
a) Invitation from the authorized Sports Federation/Body in India.

b) Clearance from the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports of Government of India.
a) Invitation from the organization/firm/institution holding the conference/seminar/training etc. indicating duration & broad programme.

b) Clearance/Permission/Approval from relevant nodal Ministry/Agency/Body for holding stated event.
a) Firm offer of employment from the Company /Firm in India.

b) Duly signed and notarized contract of employment indicating salary/remuneration.
c) Proof of Educational/Professional qualification of the applicant.
Consular Section of the High Commission may be contacted on +1 (868) 225-4340 and cons2.pospain@mea.gov.in for details. Other conditions for visa remain the same.

Points to remember:
The information given here is general in nature, however, for specific information, the High Commission may be contacted.

Visa Processing will take minimum 3 working days from the date of submission of application at the High Commission.

Government of India has also introduced e-Visa facilities (Window for application under this category is 120 days and stay in India under this will be allowed for 60 days). Applicants are not required to come to the High Commission for this. They have to pay online after completing the visa application online at the following link: https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/ by clicking the e-Visa option and following the instructions. High Commission will not entertain such applications.

Applicants other than citizens of Trinidad & Tobago, Grenada, Commonwealth of Dominica and Montserrat may contact the Consular Section of the High Commission to ascertain the exact Visa fee.

Visa processing will commence after payment of fee. There will be no refund of visa fees in the event of non-issuance of visa. Each visa application is considered on its merits and the High Commission may seek additional information at any stage during processing of the visa application. Receipt of visa application and fees by the Embassy does not guarantee issue of visa. Visa may be declined without assigning any reason. Visa fee will be accepted in cash only at the Mission counter. 

Please click to view fees of VISA Services

a) There is a charge towards ICWF of US$ 3 / TT$ 21 on each visa document as per Government instructions.
b) Applicants other than citizens of Trinidad & Tobago, Grenada, Commonwealth of Dominica and Montserrat may contact the Consular Section of the High Commission to ascertain the exact Visa fee.
c) Applicants from Grenada, Commonwealth of Dominica and Montserrat may pay the requisite fee through a bank draft in Trinidad & Tobago Dollars (TTD) and those wishing to pay the requisite fee through US$ bank draft must add US$ 50 to the fee amount towards draft clearance charges. The bank draft must be drawn in favour of “High Commission of India, Port of Spain”.
d) The print-out of the online submitted visa application along with the required documents and a prepaid return courier waybill should be sent through courier to:

Consular Section,
High Commission India
6 Victoria Avenue
Port of Spain
Trinidad & Tobago
Tel: +1 (868) 225-4340
Email: cons.pospain@mea.gov.in & cons2.pospain@mea.gov.in