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India - Grenada Relations

Historical Perspective:

India enjoys traditionally cordial relations with Grenada. Grenada, which comprises the islands of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique, is popularly referred to as the ‘Spice Island’. It has a land area of 133 sq. miles and a population of approximately 109,500. Relationship between India and Grenada goes back to 01 May 1857 when the first ship ‘Maidstone’ carrying 287 Indian indentured workers reached the shores of Grenada, then a British colony. More than 3000 Indo-Grenadians reside in Grenada. Grenada is concurrently accredited to our Mission in Port of Spain and it does not have a diplomatic Mission in India. When Grenada was affected by Hurricane Ivan in 2004, India provided relief assistance in terms of emergency medical supplies and roofing material etc.

No high-level official bilateral visits have taken place between the two countries so far. However, Prime Minister of Grenada Dr. Keith Mitchell visited India from 26-30 July, 2006 in connection with preparations for the Cricket World Cup 2007 held in West Indies. During the visit, PM Mitchell paid a courtesy call on Hon’ble Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh on 29 July, 2006.

MOS (Health & Family Welfare) Smt. Anupriya S. Patel visited Grenada on May 13-14, 2018.  During the visit, she called on the Governor General, Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and Health Minister of Grenada and discussed mutual areas of interest to enhance overall cooperation between the two countries. Minister of Foreign and Labour of Grenada Mr. Peter David visited India in September 2019 and held a meeting with the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Mr.  Vijay Rupani on 12th September, 2019. He offered of signing an MoU between two states and institutionalizing bilateral exchange of visits of Chambers of Commerce.  He also expressed his interest in appointing Honorary Consul of Grenada in Gujarat to establish direct contact with the State of Gujarat.

Agreements / MoUs between India and Grenada:

A MoU between GOI and Government of Grenada for setting up an ICT Centre for Excellence and Innovations at Grenada was signed in October, 2008.

Bilateral Cooperation:

Capacity Building: India has been contributing to the capacity building of Grenada by providing training to its personnel at various training institutions in India under Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) Programme. The Government of India has recently increased the number of annual training slots from 5 to 10 for Grenadian nationals. These slots are mostly utilized in the fields of improving ICT skills, management and training in SMEs.

Infrastructure Development Projects: On the request of the Government of Grenada, the Government of India has agreed to fund the following two infrastructure development projects – i) Construction of Union Community Centre in the Parish of St. Marks costing of US$610,074/-; and ii) Belle Vue Road costing of US$291,723/-. The contracts have recently been awarded to local contractors by the Government of Grenada. Twenty per cent of the approved cost in respect of each of these projects has been paid to Grenada as advance for construction of the project and the matter is being pursued for early implementation of these.

ICT Centre for Excellence & Innovation in Grenada: Following the signing of a MoU in October 2008 between GOI and the Government of Grenada for setting up of an ICT Centre for Excellence & Innovation in St. George’s at Industrial Development Corporation, an autonomous government body, at an estimated cost of US$ 0.8 million, the Centre was officially opened by the Prime Minister of Grenada on 15 April 2011 under ITEC programme. At the request of the High Commissioner, the Centre has been shifted to T.A. Marryshow Community College in February 2016. The Centre was more or less non-functional for two years at the previous location.

Economic Relations:

India exports mainly pharmaceutical products, readymade garments, textiles and home furnishings, machinery, Iron & Steel products etc. to Grenada, while Grenada’s exports mainly comprise of scrap metals and plastic articles. Bilateral trade between India and Grenada during 2017-18 amounted to US$2.90 million. Given the distance and small size of Grenada market, volume of our bilateral trade is comparatively small. India’s exports to Grenada were US$2.64 million and Grenada’s exports were US$ 0.27 million. Bilateral trade between India and Grenada during 2018-19 amounted to US$4.25 million (India’s exports: 3.77 mn; Imports by India: 0.48 mn).

Indian cultural troupes have been visiting Grenada for several years, particularly during the celebration of Indian Arrival Day and Phagwa/Holi. High Commission in cooperation with the Indo-Caribbean Cultural Centre, Indian Cultural Organization (Grenada) and Indo-Grenada Heritage Foundation will be organizing an International Conference on the “Indian Diaspora in Grenada and the Wider Caribbean” from 29th April to 1st May, 2016 coinciding with the Indian Arrival month. The Conference will be inaugurated by Prime Minister of Grenada Dr. Keith Mitchell. The event will be followed by an Indian Food Festival. Last year also High Commission in cooperation with the Indo-Grenada Heritage Foundation organized a 3-day food and cultural festival in Grenada from 30th May to 1st June 2015 coinciding with the Indian Arrival month. The main event was highly acclaimed and was attended by the Prime Minister and three of his Cabinet Ministers in addition to several high-ranking officials and former PM. A 9-member Mewasi Folk dance troupe from Gujarat visited Grenada in March 2013 and gave a number of dance performances.

Mahatma Gandhi’s contribution to peace and non-violence has been one of the greatest landmarks of contemporary history. A bust of Mahatma Gandhi was installed in January 2013 in the Mac Donald College in the northern part of the island (St. Patrick’s Parish). The Mission has been actively engaged in disseminating awareness about Gandhiji’s life and philosophy primarily among educational institutions in Grenada through distribution of books and films.

Visa waiver for Indian nationals:

As per the May 2011 revised Visa Exemption list, the Government of Grenada has waived visa requirement for Indian nationals visiting Grenada for tourism and business purposes for a period of three months. The Government of India has approved e-Tourist Visa for citizens of Grenada.

Indian Community:

There is a small Indian community in Grenada comprising of businessmen who deal in general merchandise and small-scale trading activities. There are nearly 3000 Indo-Grenadians in Grenada who are represented in the Indo-Grenada Heritage Foundation (IGHF). There are also a few professionals and academics who teach at the St. George’s University of Grenada, besides a fairly large Indo-American Student Community who constitute the PIO community. The IGHF was instrumental in observing 1st May as Indian Arrival Day (IAD). Since the last 5 years IAD is being celebrated by the Foundation who have named the road leading to the site of the first Indians' arrival as 'Maidstone Road' after the first ship 'Maidstone' which brought Indian indentured workers to Grenada and raised a commemorative plaque.

September 2019.