About Us Learning Indian Languages through Artificial Intelligence (LILA)

Learning Indian Languages through Artificial Intelligence (LILA)

These are Intelligent Self-Tutoring Systems for HINDI, especially designed for Government departments, Banks, Public Sector Undertakings and Corporate employees. These packages are also useful for other non-Hindi speakers who wish to learn Hindi from the basic to the advanced stage. The courses are based on the Hindi Prabodh, Praveen and Pragya syllabus, being conducted through classroom teaching and distant education by the DOL. The packages aim at imparting basic functional knowledge of Hindi, required to communicate in simple day-to-day situations, to achieve a sound base of Hindi and its core functional grammar. The constant interactive participation through a computer in the self-learning process is likely to give the learner an edge in the skill of reading, writing, speaking and understanding grammar and its effective usage.

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