About Us Invest India

Government of India has set up a `Not for Profit’ company, `Invest India’ for promotion of foreign investment into the country.  The company is a joint venture between the Government of India, Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and the State Governments.

The Company is responsible for promotion foreign investments into the country in a more focused, comprehensive and structured manner.  The company will act as the first reference point for any investor interested in India and will also facilitate setting up business within the country by coordinating with the Central and State Government Departments. It will also conduct capacity building exercises to create an investor friendly environment.

India is now one of the most preferred destinations for foreign investments globally, efforts towards promotion and facilitation investments can be strengthened if investors across the world are provided access to timely, accurate and reliable information required to make investment decisions and investors’ queries are answered effectively and to their satisfaction.  For investment related queries, contact Invest India at http://www.investindia.gov.in