About Us Diaspora

The Indian Diaspora is a generic term to describe the people who migrated from territories that are currently within the borders of the Republic of India. It also refers to their descendants. The Diaspora is currently estimated to number over twenty million composed of "NRIs" (Indian citizens not residing in India) and "PIOs" (Persons of Indian Origin who have acquired the citizenship of some other country). The Diaspora covers practically every part of the world. It numbers more than a million each in eleven countries, while as many as twenty-two countries have concentrations of at least a hundred thousand ethnic Indians.

The Diaspora is very special to India. Residing in distant lands, its members have succeeded spectacularly in their chosen professions by dint of their single-minded dedication and hard work. What is more, they have retained their emotional, cultural and spiritual links with the country of their origin. This strikes a reciprocal chord in the hearts of people of India. It is to nurture this symbiotic relationship to mutual advantage that the Government of India, following the express directions of the Prime Minister, had established a High Level Committee under the chairmanship of Dr. L.M Singhvi, MP, with the mandate to make an in-depth study of the problems and difficulties, the hopes and expectations of the overseas Indian communities. Given the great diversity and global spread of the Indian Diaspora, it was a mammoth task. The Committee completed it within the timeframe set for it, with the active cooperation of NRIs and PIOs and submitted the Report to the Prime Minister on 8th January, 2002.

The High Level Committee in its recommendations suggested formation of an organization on the lines of Planning Commission to look after the affairs of Overseas Indians. Hon’ble PM has however decided to have a full- fledged Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs headed by Shri Jagdish Tytler, Minister of State with Independent Charge to deal with affairs related to Overseas Indians.