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School of International Cooperation, Security and Strategic Languages, Rashtriya Raksha University, India offers a Master’s Degree in International Relations and Security Studies and a PhD in International Relations and Security Studies

Posted on: February 10, 2023 | Back | Print

The School of International Cooperation, Security and Strategic Languages, Rashtriya Raksha University, India is offers a Master’s Degree in International Relations and Security Studies (with Language Specialization) and a PhD in International Relations and Security Studies (with Language Specialization).

The study of International Relations at the school focuses on disseminating an Indian viewpoint of the regional security environment, i.e.; its immediate and extended neighborhood as national security threats assume greater salience at proximity. As India's stature grows in the international community, its global engagement will become increasingly pertinent and will have significant implications for every sphere of national policy. Political economy studies the relationship that forms between a nation's population and its government when public policy is enacted. It is, therefore, the result of the interaction between politics and economy. India's economy is growing at a consistent pace and the world is eyeing its market potential. Hence studying the interplay between the political system and economy will be crucial in the times ahead.

Studying a language that has strategic importance from an Indian National Security perspective will add another key dimension to an Individual’s skills. It will bridge the gap between cultures by enabling a better understanding of other indigenous perspectives. As technology and globalization accentuates a world where movement of people and services are enhancing rapidly, learning a language will facilitate effective communication.

The faculty at the school are experienced and have excellent knowledge in the relevant domains of International Relations, Foreign Policy, Political Economy, National Security and the Government. They are also supported by reputed experts with significant practical experiences as Emeritus Resources Faculty and Visiting Faculty.

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