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The Government of Trinidad & Tobago has brought to the notice of the Mission that it will be hosting a “Coastal Technologies Week 2014” from 27-31 October 2014.  This forum will serve as an information sharing platform at which suppliers of various coastal rehabilitation technologies will display their products and share their technologies in the forum. Indian suppliers of relevant instruments/equipments/products for tackling coastal erosion/monitoring marine parameters may take advantage of this forum to explore business opportunities. Further details are available at

The Government of Madhya Pradesh is organizing a Global Investors Summit (GIS) on 9th and 10th October 2014 at Indore, Madhya Pradesh.  The state offers immense business opportunity and its policies are aimed to make it a global investment hub. Details of the programme are available on the website: and Mr. Davindra Pal Ahuja, Managing Director, Madhya Pradesh Trade and Investment Facilitation Corporation Limited, Phone: +91 755 427 0246 / 47 or email: may be contacted for more information.